Welcome to AIH MedSpa in Naperville, IL! 

We believe in integrated health; our focus is on solving the root cause of problems and customizing a treatment plan to get you the results you desire that last. 

Whether you're trying to lose stubborn weight and are not quite sure if a hormonal imbalance or nutritional deficiencies are play, or your having constant skin flare ups that you can't seem to pinpoint. Our expert medical staff will help cultivate a customized treatment plan to help you not only achieve your desired aesthetic results, but also maintain them by solving the root cause of your problems and helping you make better lifestyle choices for results that will last. 

For concerns with excessive weight our customized treatment plans may include one or all of our modalities such as Medical Weight Loss, SculpSure Lipo Laser, or Emsclupt Neo depending on our patients' overall goals and the timeframe in which they are looking to achieve their desired results.

For skin concerns we begin with a complimentary 3D Skin analysis. We use this as a benchmark to determine your skins current condition. The 3D skin analysis will give us a break down of brown/red spots, UV damage, hyper/hypo pigmentation, your skins elasticity levels, moisture levels, pore size and more. 

Next our Licensed Estheticians and Aesthetic Nurse's will work together to help you develop a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs and desired results. Whether that's a combination of laser therapies such an RF Micro needling, Photo Facials, Monthly Customized Luxury Facials, Chemical Peels, HyyrdoFacials, Dermaplaning, Botox/Dysport, Lip/Dermal Fillers or a standalone treatmentour experts will help you look and feel your best.

Our treatment plans will not only have you looking good, but you'll leave here feeling good

with more confidence and a glow from the inside out. 

Where Beauty
Meets Wellness

Your skin is a reflection of what's going on internally.  Several factors that should be taken into consideration but are often overlooked are: 

Hormonal Imbalances

Unknown Food/Environmental Allergies

Vitamins/Mineral deficiencies 

Consistent Skin Care Routine




At Absolute Integrated Health Centers, you will find a blood lab, allergy testing, Hormone Optimization Therapy, a Board-Certified Nutritionist, IV Nutrition, Vitamin/Mineral Supplements, Chiropractic care, Soft Tissue Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, and more. 


Real beauty starts from within, which is why we've taken an integrated approach to your skincare and overall wellness. 

We believe in solving the root cause of your concerns, not just masking the symptoms. We are here to educate you on everything from skincare to hormone/nutritional deficiencies and beyond. Giving you a comprehensive understanding of how your skin & body reflects what is happening internally.


Our customized treatment plans are designed to help you feel as good as you look. 

Healthy Woman