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Meet Our Facility Director, 
Christina Colón

Christina joined Absolute Integrated Med Spa & Wellness Center in 2021 with one goal in mind. To help educate our patients & bridge the gap between beauty & wellness using non-invasive, cutting-edge technology & providing treatments plans suitable for all skin types while incorporating a more holistic approach that doesn't involve prescription medications or plastic surgery.


Your skin is a reflection of what is going internally - in addition to your lifestyle, diet & genetics. We want to help you find & treat the root cause of your skin concerns, not just mask the symptoms (acne, dry, irritated skin, hyperpigmentation, weight gain, hair loss, under eye bags, etc). 

Each and every one of our treatment plans is custom tailored to our patients, to give them the best results and the ability to make an informed decision that will not just have them looking good but feeling good with their investment. 

Self -care is sacred, not selfish


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